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Submit a PDX Support Group

You must be the group leader or administrative contact to list a group. If you are a group member who would like your group to be on this list, please talk to your group leader about listing your group.
Submissions are good for six months and will be removed thereafter, so please re-submit as needed.

  • To renew an existing listing without making any changes, choose "Update to existing listing" below. Then just provide the group's current category and type the name of the group as it's currently shown. E.g. "Circus Clowns Support Group." Put any instructions, such as a category change request, in the text box.

    To resubmit a current listing with ANY text changes - even small ones - please select "Update to existing listing" below and submit the entire listing exactly as you would like it to appear. Please provide the former group title and/or category, if different.

    New listing: Please type your listing in the box below, EXACTLY as you would like it to appear, with the group name on the first line by itself. (Note: Please don't include start dates, as these become outdated very quickly and your listing will have a better shelf life without them.)

  • Submit the entire listing exactly as you would like it to appear.
  • STOP! Did you remember to...

    • Include the day and time the group meets?
    • Include the cost of the group?
    • Avoid listing a start date?
    • Double-check that your contact information is correct?

    If so, you're ready to submit your listing. Click the button below.

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