Wendy’s Podcast Recommendations for the Pandemic

Hi again! So, I’m a big podcast listener, and they are currently a part of what is helping me stay sane these days. I wanted to recommend a handful so far that I have really enjoyed because they are specifically helpful, hopeful, funny or all of the above. All of them acknowledge the existence of […] ... Read More

Taking Care of Your Mental Health During a Pandemic

Well, I certainly never imagined I’d be writing a blog post with THIS title. And I am willing to bet you never thought you’d be reading a blog post like this. But here we are. So, let’s take some deep breaths together (I swear I am doing this as I type!) and dive into how […] ... Read More

Why Choosing to Be Childfree Can Be the Healthiest Decision for You

“Do you have any kids?” “When are you having kids?” We live in a culture where these questions are part of small-talk – the questions around whether or not you have kids, whether or when you are going to have them, and all the surrounding inquiries can easily be asked and answered in the course […] ... Read More

When Health Challenges Happen to You

As someone who has faced health challenges and worked with hundreds of clients who have had their own, I have a felt sense of what a unique, frustrating and scary experience it is. What a profound experience of knowing how fragile our bodies can be, and how mortal we truly are. The experience of having […] ... Read More

Break Room: The Comic

Do you feel like your workplace is a cesspool of dysfunction? I get it. I wrote a comic about that very issue: Here’s the thing: It’s not uncommon for work to bring up family-of-origin issues for people. And why wouldn’t it? You spend a huge chunk of your life at work, just like you spent […] ... Read More

Soothing Activities to Calm the Frazzles

It’s a tough time to be a sensitive-type. I, for one, am still waiting for the grown-ups to show up. Oh, that’s right: I’m a grown-up. And I’m right here. So, in the interest of looking for things you can do to help alleviate anxiety, calm frazzled nerves and/or bring down the poofy-tail, here are […] ... Read More

Tips for the Highly Sensitive Person

Ever heard of a Highly Sensitive Person? Wondering about yourself or someone you love? Let’s start with the basics: Dr. Elaine N. Aron wrote a book, “The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You” in 1997 and it became a national bestseller. (I highly recommend this book to folks even wondering […] ... Read More

Quick & Easy Grounding Techniques

Ever wondered what a “grounding technique” is, anyway? It’s in the zeitgeist, but what IS it? Grounding techniques are what you can use when you’re feeling stressed out, anxious, panicked or having some type of emotional pain. Grounding techniques can be awesome. They can suck. They can be anywhere in between, because – turns out […] ... Read More

You (yes, YOU) Have Superpowers

I was asked a great question recently: “What do you wish your clients knew about themselves?” The first thing that came to mind: That they have superpowers. And most of the time, they don’t know that. Before you start wondering how much sci-fi and fantasy I’m absorbing, let me clarify my definition: A superpower is […] ... Read More

8 Signs You May Need Therapy

So here’s the deal: You don’t have to be “crazy” to go to therapy. Nor do you have to be “weak” (although you can certainly choose to see yourself that way – I’d argue the opposite for people who go to therapy). A common misperception is this: “People who go to therapy all have really […] ... Read More

Core Beliefs: Kicking Your Ass Behind Your Back

I mentioned core beliefs in my last blog post and pretty much promised that “next time” I’d talk more about them. Well, here we are at next time! So yeah, core beliefs. Never heard of them? Heard of them but have no idea what they are? Let’s cover the bases. Core beliefs are basically beliefs […] ... Read More

What is an Adult Child of a Difficult Parent?

You may be asking this question. And really, it’s more “What do you mean by ‘difficult’ parent?” That’s the real question. You may have heard of Adult Children of Alcoholics. Adult Children of Narcissists. There’s a whole book written on Toxic Parents, even. As far as I can see, there’s nothing when you Google the […] ... Read More

Wendy’s 10 Tips for Life Transitions

Whether it’s a break-up, a death, the end/beginning of a job, or something else, let’s face it: Life transitions are tough. Even the “good” life transitions — like a new baby, a house remodel, or getting the job you always dreamed of — can lead to anxiety, stress and the feeling that you can’t quite get your sea legs. ... Read More